Sunday, April 29, 2007

My baby...

This is Finnigan, my 5 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. We bought him back in 2002, while living in England. He was an adorable puppy, and is still an adorable dog. He always has to be near me when I am home, even if I'm not paying attention to him. I rely on him a lot when I am home alone. He is my eyes and ears, and my companion. I'm glad to have such a great dog, especially with hubby away.
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Viva Fiesta!!

Well, Fiesta 2007 is over, and I am tired!! We went to a few of the events of this San Antonio celebration, including some parades. Last Saturday we went out to Market Square, sat at a table and had jumbo margheritas. Yumm. Friday, we braved the sun and the heat and went to the Battle of the Flowers parade, downtown. This is the 3rd time that we have attended, and by far the best weather, though I still got burnt! I love seeing all of the dresses and the different floats! My husband had a great time, with mucho imbibing going on. We went with friends, and after the parade, we decided to go back and jump in the pool. That was around 5pm, and we stayed in the jacuzzi until around midnight. We even ate our pizza in the jacuzzi!! I was the designated driver, as usual, and drove my drunk husband home. The next morning I was up at 6:30am to get ready for the King William's Parade. I dressed as a Southern Belle and walked with the Library float passing out children's books. It was hot, but not too bad with the hoop skirt on. I now know why hoops were invented!! It creates a/c under there!! After the parade, where I walked about 2 miles, I took a nap, then we got ready for the night parade, Flambeau. That was cool! Especially the Dia de las muertos group. All the skeltons and stuff. The music was great, and we threw a ton of beads that hubby got from Mardi Gras. Right at the end of the parade, the sky opened up and dumped a ton of rain on us. I was soaked! And, as designated driver, again, I got us all safely home. Hubby went back out with friends, but I went to sleep. Now I am looking forward to when I can sleep in again!! I'll post pictures soon!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

A short reprieve!!

Hubby is gonna stay another week!! Yea!! He was supposed to head out this Wednesday morning, but he decided that he needed more time to get things done around here before he leaves. I'm happy with that!! We'll get to go to Fiesta together our last time!! And we'll get time with the lemon we bought to make sure the repairs are holding. He needs to drive to D.C. next week in it. This is just a huge load off of my chest. Wednesday I have a day off so we are gonna go shopping at the outlet mall, so he can get some new clothes. I may get something too.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Week #1 What are you proud of?

Week 1 of the Deck of Me series, inspired by Emily Falconbridge.

Deck of Me Dream Challenge

On the TallyScrapper site, we are doing a Deck of Me Challenge, inspired by Emily Falconbridge. This one is not from Emily's themes, but one that TS put up as a challenge. Let me know what you think!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stress, Stress, and more STRESS!!

Okay, at this point in my life I think I have more stress than usual. This includes:

  • Husband leaving in less than week for 9 months;
  • No spare tire on trailblazer;
  • Bought a "new to us" used car that had a bum transmission;
  • don't have enough cash to fix transmission;
  • trying to get credit limit on card raised;
  • 3 more weeks of semester so tons of final papers due;
  • Busy at work, lots to do and no time to do it;
  • Trying to lose weight (yeah right!)
  • Started Curves for a trial period;
  • Gotta find a hotel for ALA conference in D.C. by April 27th. All the ones for conference rates are booked.
  • Gotta buy airfare for D.C. in June;
  • Stitches on back buggin' the HELL out of me. It pokes and catches my shirt!!
  • All this stress is causing neck to REALLY hurt!! Am on painkillers (sparingly) and tylenol, constantly;
  • Fighting with hubby 'cause he is leaving and I always seem to pick fights when he leaves;
  • Want to scrapbook niece's 1st 6 months before going to Michigan in 3 weeks, so I can hand it over to Brother and Sister in law;
  • All I feel like doing is being online or reading or sleeping.

Is that enough? I think I need a bit more. Don't you? Got another question: why do I procrastinate? I always leave things 'till the last minute. Why oh why do I do that???? Is it genetic? Is it a condition? Am I lazy? Is there help? 'Cause I need it badly!! I'm coming up on my hardest part of school: last 2 semesters, portfolio, hubby gone, and me alone. I'm gonna need help to get through it, that is for sure!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bought a lemon

Hubby bought a car yesterday, and I was so happy! One less thing to worry about. 2002 Honda Civic, black, 2 door, with minor hail damage. It's high on miles, but a good deal. Turns out that it needs a new transmission. And, he signed an "As Is" paper. It's at a garage right now, and they are checking it for any tampering. If there is, we are so gonna sue. If not, then we have to suck it up and put in a new transmission, fast. Ken drives to Washington, D.C. next Wednesday. And, he is not taking my car. ;) The dealer that sold it to us said to find out the estimate for replacing the transmission, and he would help find a place that will do it for cheaper. He knows people that can help. We'll see. I need to look up ways to cover-up a bad transmission. A co-worker mentioned something about a banana, that if you put one in the transmission, it will make the it run smoother for a short period of time. Where would you stick the banana? Oh well, I'll search and see what I come up with. All of this to do and a paper to write. Yipee!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

PMS? Past that I think...

I feel like I could rip something up, or throw something, and I don't know why. And no, my period isn't for 2 weeks or so. I never get PMSy this early. But I am frustrated.

My husband is leaving in 10 days. 10 fricking days. That is not enough time. And you know the kicker?? He told me that he loves me. Just out of the blue (well, he was hungover, but not drunk). If you knew my husband, you would know that this is a rare thing. This is the first time this year that he has said it without me pestering or bartering for it. Even now, I want to cry 'cause I know that he is leaving soon. That is probably why he said it, to get one in before he left. Okay, I'm crying now. Need some tissues, but there aren't any around.

So, I'm on the computer, typing up some assignments, feeling like shit. I hope I have a better week.

I won Texas Hold 'em!!

Friday night was my hubby's going away party, at a friend's house. Whenever we go there, we play Texas Hold 'em. I always lose. There are some guys who always play crazy, especially since they were drinking. But because we had two tables, I was with different players, the ones who aren't crazy. I did really well, getting some good hands. Then it was time to combine tables, and I continued to win. I ended up in 1st place, winning $160!!! I gave hubby $40 of that to repay our fees, but that left $120 for me!! Yea!! That never happens!! I spent half of it already, on scrapping supplies from TallyScrapper!! I can't wait to play with my new supplies! (picture from Elite Poker Chips)

Monday, April 9, 2007

Bad Jess...

Okay, I have a late assignment. I suck at this time management thing. I've gotten back into my scrapbooking and it has taken the place of homework. Not good. I will turn in my assignment tomorrow, at the latest, I swear.

My stress meter is starting to kick in, with Ken leaving in two weeks, big assignments due this month, a big conference this week, and stuff at work coming to a head. I need to get focused, desperately!!