Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

Here are some pics from our 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  It was chaos, with so many little toddlers running around, but a lot of fun!  Thanks to everyone who came!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lots of changes since I was last on...

I had a baby!!  Yes, another addition to our family.  We named him Leo Jameson.  He was born the day after Gwyn's 2nd birthday!  Which will make birthdays a bit of a headache in the future!

Quick recap...During our transition from Virginia to Hawaii, I found out that I was pregnant.  It was a crappy one too, lots of morning (all day) sickness, living in a hotel for 3 months, and raising our little toddler.  Plus, the heat here in HI was almost too much for me.  Hoping that this summer and fall are better since I am no longer preggers.

Have made some great friends here already, wives of hubby's co-workers.  It's weird because many of them also have toddlers.  So instant friends for Gwyn.  Now my life is full of playdates.

Am nursing Leo, which I thought would be easier the 2nd time around but he came with his own set of unique problems.  Still have ups and downs, mostly because he is in the fussy evening stage.  When that eases up we will be moving into the distraction age.  Oh joy!  FYI - the lactation department at Tripler Army Medical Center is too busy to be of any help, so look elsewhere.  I have started going to Le Leche League meetings again.  Plus I have my Facebook friends as a resource.

So, basically I am a SAHM to a 26 mos. old and a 2 mos. old.  We play, I nurse, we water our flowers, Gwyn helps me out doing chores, and we will be attempting to potty train in the next few months.  Wish us luck!