Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dole Plantation

While my mother-in-law was here we visited the Dole Plantation in Wahiawa.  It is an easy place to go to, fairly inexpensive.  The have a huge gift store with many local crafts (many of which you can get at the Swap Meet at the Aloha Stadium if you have time to go), and a great restaurant (a bit pricey but good).  They also have a Garden Tour, a train ride on the Pineapple Express, and a Maze (didn't do that one). 

The koi fish pond is a free attraction, and a big hit, though you have to pay 50 cents for fish food.  Gwyn absolutely loved them.

We purchased tickets to go into the garden on an audio tour and for the train. Not bad prices either.  $11 per adult.  Gwyn would see the train engine as we went around curves and yell out "I found it!"

Did you know that the red dirt in Hawaii is decomposed volcanic ash?  I never knew that.  Also, no other crop grows well in it besides pineapples.  Thought that was interesting.

The pineapple photo cutouts are a free attraction as well, so if you wanted to visit Dole without paying any money, you can still do some fun things.  Gwyn thought they were funny.

The garden is worth paying for if you want great pics of your family.  Ideal setting for a photo op. And great flowers.  Gonna have to go back when more is in bloom!