Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Southern Belle Wannabe!!

Here I am at the King William Parade in San Antonio. The Library had a float where we dressed up as fictional characters. And no, I'm not little Bo Peep. I'm a Southern Belle, maybe a young Scarlett.
Anyway, they have a tradition at the parades down here where they yell for the ladies to "Show their shoes!" So, I wore argyle socks and lime green shoes. Parade goers loved it.
I also figured out the purpose of a hoop skirt. I thought it was a dumb fashion, but it provides air conditioning down there. Keeps you very cool. Only my chest and face were warm, mostly because of the sunburn I got the day before.
The parade was fun, and long. I walked and passed out children's books, but the float was hauling ass, so eventually, several of us were way behind. It was a good day. Went home and took a nap afterwards!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!

This is my view out of the plane's window, on my way back from Michigan. My birthday sunset. Had a pleasant day with my folks, then the drive to Detroit. But, kind of depressing to be alone on your birthday, flying. Makes me miss my hubby. Also makes me think too much of what I wanted to accomplish by now. Oh well, at least I'm not thirty yet. Hopefully will be with hubby when that happens!!

Happy 29th Birthday to me!!
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