Saturday, July 19, 2008

My wallet was stolen!!

You will not believe this! Yesterday, while at the grocery store, I did something that I know is stupid. I've never done it before. I had my purse in the cart, wide open. My back was turned and I heard the rustle of my keys. I quickly turned around and a black man was walking by my cart, with his hand in his cargo pocket (that big on that cargo pants/shorts have). I looked in my purse and didn't see my wallet.

He wasn't running, but walking quickly. I immediately yelled for him to return my wallet. I continued to yell and follow him throughout the store, calling for help. I was loud and swearing. He was denying having taken my wallet. I knew it was in his cargo pocket and I told him so. He pulled his upper pockets saying he didn't have it.

I got a stock boy to start following him and I went around the aisle to cut him off. So I lost sight of him for a few seconds. When I saw him again, I continued to yell and grabbed his cargo pocket. It was empty. Lots of people were watching us, some even following the man out the door. He left quickly and nobody got his plate number.

Needless to say I was hysterical! Somebody suggested that maybe I left my wallet in the car, but I knew I didn't. I did call home and check to see if it was in my totebag. It wasn't. I knew that man took it but his cargo pockets were empty when he left. The general manager asked the stock boy if he lost sight of him in the aisle, which he did, so we re-traced the thief's steps. I found it behind the Oreos, nothing missing.

The Sheriff showed up and got a copy of the security footage, but without the license plate, I doubt they find the guy. He might not even be in the system. My purse was just begging to be looted, that he may have never done this before.

How freaking crazy is that?? Needless to say I learned my lesson. My mom says that my big mouth came in handy. I can only blame these damn pregnancy hormones. They make you forgetful.